Looking after your jam

We put a lot of time and effort into our handmade jams and we want you to be able to enjoy them to their full potential. As you know our jams are low in sugar and high in fruit content, this is what makes them so delicious but it also makes them more prone to spoiling faster than your standard supermarket product. To get the most out of your jam please consider the following:

COOL: Once your jam pot has been opened it needs to be kept in the fridge. Especially now, during our humid, queensland summer months. Yeast loves sugar and humidity and could start growing inside your jar quite quickly.

CLEAN: Do everything you can to keep your jam clean. Don't butter your slice of bread and then dip the same knife into your jam pot. You will introduce contamination that could cause mould to grow on your jam. Use a clean spoon to scoop out the amount of jam you need. Put your lid back on the pot as soon as possible, to stop bread crumbs and other bits falling in.

TIMELY: Our jams will not last forever. Once you have opened them, enjoy them regularly. If you treat them right they should last 8 weeks or more inside your fridge but the sooner you eat them the sooner you get to open another flavour!

Just like other refrigerated food products, jam tastes best when you let it come to room temperature first!


But what about all the sugar...

When I tell people I'm a jam maker, one of the first questions I get is about the sugar content of jams. Nowadays everybody is aware that large quantities of sugar are bad for us and a lot of weight problems come down to consuming too much high sugar foods and soft drinks.

But you don't need to be scared of our jams. Modern recipes are nothing like the high sugar recipes your grandparents used. With a better understanding of the process of jam making, we are now able to make fresh, vibrant, low sugar jams that actually taste of fresh fruit. 

Here at Ugly Duck Preserves we only use the minimal amount of sugar needed to preserve and set our jams. A lot of our jams are actually set quite soft and that's because we use a lower sugar percentage. Our jams are made with a very high percentage of fresh fruit, because the more fruit we pack into each jar the more fruit we can rescue! 

Reducing the sugar content in jams also reduces the shelf life. You might remember your parents or grandparents storing their jams for years to come. Modern jams will keep for 6-8 month, maybe longer, but we are sure that is enough time to enjoy our hand-crafted jars before the next seasons produce is available. Once you have opened your jam, store it in the fridge and consume the content within 4-8 weeks.

Enjoy jams as glazes on meat, fish and poultry, as milkshake flavours, over ice-cream, in pastry and cakes and of course on a fresh slice of toast with unsalted butter!