The Story behind our Preserved Lemons

Ugly Duck Preserves moved from Brisbane to Kandanga earlier this year. The move allowed me to be closer to farmers and spend more time in the country. As soon as I moved, I was introduced to Malcom from SweetAz farms. Mal and his wife Tay grow the most beautiful Eurika lemons, limes and Maccadamias on their sustainable farm in Dagun. They grow their fruit spray-free and use beneficial insects to control pest.

You would think that such quality fruit won't go to waste but unfortunately they do. Malcoms lemons grow so well, that they often end up too big for the consumer! In fact it's not uncommon to see lemons weighting in over 500g each.

giant lemon.

The lemon farm is only 10 minutes from my Kandanga kitchen. I often drop in on a Sunday afternoon to spend a few hours picking those giant lemons that nobody else wants. I take them back to the kitchen and we cut them up into bitesize pieces and preserve them in pure, Australian sea salt.

Let's be honest, Australian farmers work very hard and deserve our full support. And I believe, that fresh fruit ugly or not, is a valuable resource we have to respect and do everything we can to make the most of. Picking unwanted fruit and giving them a second life feels extremely rewarding and this is what we are all about:

Revealing the inner beauty!

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